Heartwarming moment loving dogs rush to comfort owner after hearing her cry

Most dog lovers know that they can count on their beloved pets to be there for them when times are tough – but the pups in this precious video showed amazing empathy skills that would rival many humans.

The heartwarming clip was inspired by a popular TikTok challenge which sees owners pretend to cry to see how their pets react.

User t.dot.asha posted the video of her two dogs, a puggle called Princess and a maltipoo named Pixie, as she filmed their unexpected reaction to hearing that she’s upset.

The two dogs are playing together on the other side of the room when their owner plays a distressed crying sound from her phone, pretending to cry along with it.

The pair of pups immediately stop what they’re doing and exchange concerned glances, before trotting quickly over to their owner to come to the rescue.

“I honestly wasn’t expecting that reaction from them,” owner Natasha said of the clip, which has been viewed more than seven million times on TikTok.

The clip led to an outpouring of love from fellow dog owners, who praised the pups’ incredible intuition. “We don’t deserve dogs,” one person commented.

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A few cat owners commented that the dogs’ reaction was a far cry from what they could expect from their feline friends.

“I just did this to my cats,” one person commented. “They both went directly to their food dishes and looked at me like ‘fill it up before you die or something’.”

Studies have shown that dogs can tell when their human loved ones are upset.

Research published in the Learning and Behavior journal back in 2018 showed that not only will our canine companions feel distressed when they see their owners crying, but they will also try to do something to help.

An experiment showed that dogs will try to get to their owners much more quickly if they hear them crying, compared to if they hear them humming a tune.

The bond between owners and their dogs is certainly tough to beat – but another funny video showed that some pups hope for that unique bond to start a little too early.

A German Shepherd called Brody was seen trying to encourage the newest addition to his household, his owner’s two-month-old baby, to play fetch with him.

The hilarious TikTok clip posted by @keepingupwiththekokals saw the dog glaring expectantly at the ball that he’d placed at the baby’s feet, while his amused owner explained to the impatient dog that his new friend was a bit on the young side to play.