Mike Tomlin stands by taunting emphasis: We’re role models for younger players

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin saw his team benefit from a controversial taunting penalty against the Bears on Monday night, but Tomlin says he supports the NFL’s crackdown on taunting regardless of which team it helps.

Tomlin, who is on the NFL Competition Committee and was involved in the decision to tell officials to call taunting more strictly this season, said today that he stands by that point of emphasis.

“We’re trying to clean our game up. We embrace the responsibility of being the role models that we are,” Tomlin said, via Brooke Pryor of ESPN. “We understand people at a lower level watch us and mimic what we do.”

Despite widespread criticism from players and fans, the NFL does not seem particularly interested in withdrawing the point of emphasis on taunting. The taunting flags will keep coming.