You’re more likely to die on your birthday than on any other day

Research has discovered that you’re at an increased risk of suicide, heart attacks, strokes and falls on your birthday – making it statistically the deadliest day of the year.

Scientists analysed the data from 2.5 million deaths in Switzerland between the years of 1969 and 2008.

At the time of publishing the study, Dr Vladeta Ajdacic-Gross, University of Zurich, said: “Birthdays end lethally more frequently than might be expected.”

The study incorporated two million people and determined that over 60s were some 14 per cent more likely to die on their actual birthday, with a 44 per cent jump in fall deaths on this day.

The findings have since been backed up by Canadian research into the same topic.

Stroke risks are heightened on birthdays, especially in those with high blood pressure.

Talking of this discovery, psychologist Prof Richard Wiseman, from the University of Hertfordshire, told the Telegraph : “It seems to be a valid finding.

“There are two camps – one is the camp that suggests you eat too much and you’re getting on a bit and that causes you to die.

“The other is a placebo effect. You are knife-edged on death. And you kept yourself going until your birthday. You think ‘that’s it I’ve had enough I’m out of here’.”

Dr Vladeta Ajdacic-Gross, who led the study, suggests that the data demonstrates that the risk of death is greater for certain causes, like accidents and suicide.

As morbid as it may sound, it seems we are more likely to die on our birthday, a day which should revolve around celebration and joy. There have certainly been many deaths to reinforce this fact, including the death of many famous faces on their special day.

Some famous figures who bit the dust on their birthday are:

William Shakespeare
English playwright, poet, and actor
26 April 1564 – 23 April 1616 (It’s worth noting that although his exact date of birth wasn’t recorded, it is widely celebrated as being 26 April)

Ingrid Bergman
Swedish actress
29 August 1915 – 29 August 1982

Betty Friedan
American feminist writer and activist
4 February 1921 – 4 February 2006

George Kelly Barnes (known commonly by his nickname, Machine Gun Kelly)
American gangster
18 July 1895 – 18 July 1954

Renowned Renaissance painter
6 April 1483 – 6 April 1520

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Jr
Congressman and son of four-term U.S. president FDR
17 August 1914 – 17 August 1988