High-rise apartment dog goes berserk with ‘zoomies’ when he visits a garden

Living in a house without access to a garden can be tough to take for energetic and lively dogs.

One dog who has taken this to the extreme is Kuma the Morkie, who wasted no time rushing out into his Grandpa’s large garden.

In a hilarious TikTok clip, the dog eagerly watches his owner while indoors, clearly after something.

The on screen text gives viewers an insight into what may be going through the pup’s head, as he suggests to his mother that they take another trip outside.

Kuma is used to living in a high rise apartment with his owner, where there is no access to a garden like the one at his grandpa’s.

So understandably the Morkie is a little on edge at being cooped up when he knows there is a big open space outside just waiting to be explored, even if he has already spent plenty of time zooming around the garden already.

Of course the adorable Kuma gets his way eventually, as the video ends with a clip of the hyper canine dashing around the garden and generally going berserk.

The dog sprints as fast as he possibly can, going round and round in circles as Matthew Wilder’s ‘Break My Stride’ plays in the background.

The clip, which was uploaded by TikTok user @kumathemorkie, was a huge hit on the video sharing platform, with over 200,000 views and almost 27,000 likes.

Viewers were clearly amused by Kuma’s antics, with one user commenting: “Those zoomies hit different in your grandparent’s yard!”

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Another commenter wrote: “He will be moving out and moving in with grampaw.”

A third added: “That’s the happy dance.”

Morkie’s are a cross between Maltese and Yorkshire terriers and are described by Dog Time as a small, energetic and super silly breed, and Kuma’s energy was certainly on display in this clip.