Frank Gore signs on for boxing match against former NBA player Deron Williams

Former NFL player Frank Gore is ready to try a new sport.

Gore has signed for a boxing match against former NBA All-Star Deron Williams on December 18.

The debut fight for both men, it will be a four-round fight with a 215-pound weight limit. The NFL listed Gore’s playing weight at 212 pounds and the NBA listed Williams’ playing weight at 200 pounds, so Gore may have a slight size advantage.

Gore is 38 years old and Williams is 37.

The fight will be on the pay-per-view undercard of the Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury fight. Paul and his brother Logan Paul are YouTube influencers who have found a lucrative career as boxers on fight cards that attract athletes from other sports and various celebrities.

Both Gore and Williams have done extensive training in boxing as part of their offseason regimes, but neither has stepped into the ring for an actual fight before.