Woman gobsmacked as man invoices her for coffee after she turns down second date

A woman was left stunned after a man she was seeing demanded that she invoice him for the date.

Lauren went on a date with a man to a coffee shop before she ultimately decided there wasn’t a spark and she tried to cut things off.

But she wasn’t expecting him to ask her to send him the money for the coffee he paid for during the date.

On the anniversary of the exchange, Lauren shared screenshots of the chat to her Twitter account @LaurenNotLozza, where she wrote: “Six years since that lad tried to invoice me for a s**t date.”

In the picture, you see the man saying it had been good to see her that evening and asking whether she’d like to go out again.

She replied and apologised for the late reply, and admitted she wasn’t sure they had “chemistry” and to “take care.”

Not giving up that easy, he took another stab at asking her out, writing: “How about I cook dinner for you tomorrow and we’ll see what happens? If we don’t click, we can leave it. We communicate naturally. It’s a good start. Let’s give us a chance.”

Lauren then replied to him apologising saying that she wouldn’t go to someone’s house when she “barely knows them.”

She adds: “Unfortunately I’m overly romantic and a big believer in feeling some kind of spark early on. WIsh you all the best though.”

He replies by saying: “Ok, fair enough. Can you pay me back for your coffee? I don’t like wasting money. Prefer to use it on a date with someone else.”

To which she replied: “It’s a shame you consider a date to be a waste when it doesn’t end on your terms.

“How about I donate £3.50 to a charity of your choice to give you a chance to regain some decorum?

“I can even bump it up to £5 to cover your bus journey too if you’d like? Might I be so bold as to suggest the Royal British Legion as it was Armistice Day yesterday?”

However, he was less than impressed with her response and simply said he’d like to decide himself what to do with his money, before including his account details.

The post has racked up more than 3,300 likes and dozens of comments from people who found the exchange hilarious.

One person said: “I’ve read this about 6 times and it’s making me laugh more each time I do. Just, wow. I wonder what happened to him….” to which Lauren replied saying: “He actually just kept doing it. Other women got in touch with me over the years to cross-reference the name and number and it was him. It’s his MO.”

Another wrote: “This is priceless comedy, and has really brightened my day! I hope you didn’t reply to the last one. Or said you had already paid the RBL and he should ask them for the money. What a sad man.”

A third joked: “Shouldn’t laugh but I can’t really believe someone would do that. I never thought of it myself… could make a bit of extra income back.”

Someone else put: “You handled that like a QUEEN.”

A few people were divided, however, as to who was in the wrong.

One person said: “Funny stuff, I think on the first date regardless of who suggests going out, you should pay 50/50 so it eliminates any expectations & you are not obliged at all.”

And a second added: “He had a fair point…”

But someone else replied disagreeing: “I understand what you mean about expectations but, I disagree. The man should always pay on the first date. If he can’t afford a little financial loss, don’t date?”